"Knowing is half the battle."

- G.I. Joe      


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The following books and videos are the best currently available about the Great White Shark. They can be found at your local library or ordered from Amazon.com.  Each item is an absolute must-have for any shark or GW fan. Just click on the graphic for more information.

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GREAT WHITE SHARK - Richard Ellis & John McCosker

The best book (for non-scientists) ever written on the GW. It covers nearly every detail about this amazing animal  with hundreds of pictures and illustrations. A true treasure of information, this book would be an excellent addition to any library or collection.


GREAT WHITE SHARKS The Biology of Carcharodon carcharias - Edited by A. Peter Klimley & David G. Ainley

Another incredible book. This is a collection of scientific papers on subjects as diverse as C. megalodon & the predatory behavior of the GW. A bit more academic than Ellis & McCosker's book but still a wonderful source of information. 

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BLUE MERIDIAN: The Search for the Great White Shark - Peter Matthiessen

A wonderful documentary on the GW was made in the late '60s with the ominous title 'Blue Water, White Death'. This book recounts the journey to find and film the GW in its natural environment. It truly captures the awe these creatures inspire.



I have seen every...and I do mean EVERY...great white shark documentary from late 60's stuff ("Wow, that shark is far out! Check out the groovy way he chews the cage!") to Jaws-style quickie documentaries ("The brutal shark circles its victims before smashing its teeth around their unprotected torsos....") to the eco-friendly films of today. This one is intelligent, thought-provoking, and very, very well made.  I highly recommend this!

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As I've pointed out elsewhere in these pages, when I first discovered the joys of the Web way back in 1995, there were only a scattered handful of websites about the GW. In the years since, I've seen literally dozens of pages on the GW and sharks in general. Some of these sites are quite good and others - well, there have been others! I list below several links for your sampling pleasure. If any are broken or you know of some I need to include, please contact me so I can make the changes.


Great White Shark Images from Douglas J. Long - Nice site that details efforts to study the GW at the Farallon Islands.

Global Shark Attack File - Details the Great White as well as other known attacking species on Humans...

Shark Attack - Have you had an encounter with a Shark, the great folks at the Global Shark Attack File want to hear from you! Your account and encounter helps to establish a better understanding of Shark Human interactions.

Beck's Great White Shark Page - I get such a nostalgic feeling when I look at his site as his 'Information' section is my old site (Cold Hard Facts, FAQ, Myths & Fallacies) munched into one massive page. At least he credits my work typing up the list of GW Attack victims from Ellis & McCosker's book. Doesn't the background look familiar? I'm still not bitter.

MSNBC piece on the GW - Has some very cool videos and neat pics.

Shark Research Committee Have you recently encountered a Great White along the Pacific coast of California? If so the Shark Research Committee here in California would love to hear from you, data from the public where non predatory or predatory interactions have taken place, help with research and greater understanding on this species of Shark. This site is also a wealth of information and very detailed information on Great Whites.

Bill Heim on White Shark lineages - Nice map of the GW's family tree


Strange Magazine on Megalodon - Remember how I said half of the Megalodon articles on the Web deal with selling their teeth and the other half speculate on whether Megalodon is still somewhere out there? Guess which one this is!

Steve's Fossil Shark Teeth - This page is representative of the other type of Megalodon sites. I've purchased all of my fossil teeth from this site and they have excellent service and beautiful specimens. Go take a look!

John Bruner's article 'The Megatooth shark' - This gentleman gave me permission to reprint his article at my Megalodon page several months ago. I thought I'd just quote it where appropriate and link the article here. Very detailed and very interesting. Good insight into the whole Carcharodon vs. Carcharocles debate.

Jim Bourdon's Elasmo.com site on the whole Carcharodon vs. Carcharocles debate - The most comprehensive gathering of arguments for each side in this fascinating "feud" of fish-fact-finders.


Fiona's Shark Mania - The most comprehensive list of shark links on the Web. Some of the links don't work but those that do are well worth your visit.

Sharkman's World - Sharkman has more information on sharks than you can shake a shark at. Of course, I don't recommend shaking sharks but if that's what you need, go right ahead!